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Would you like some guidance in your prayer life? Click here below to download our current Peace Lutheran 40 minute prayer guide. The guide can be used several ways. It is divided into four 10 minutes sections: Preparation, World & Nation, Church, Others. Use one section a day, or all at once, or any combination. Also - don't forget the Prayer Page in the bulletin as a prayer resource for your devotional life!

Prayer Guide

New Prayers :   

Peace Family:  

Family & Friends:  

This week we pray for Peace families:

Paul, Sarah, Nick, & Nate Bostwick; Art & Cathy Bostwick; Colton & Dawn Brandow; Azaielea & Jazzalynn Hipke & Nikki Brandt.

We pray for our military

Will Anderson, Andrew Devine, Seth Doering, Tanner Grassman, Sam Homp, Grant Hones, Matthew Manney, Ramon & Stephanie Pinto, Sam Manney, Mark Rosio, Cody Schilcher, Jacob Steinmetz, Jake Tatro, and Brandon Van Price, for their protection and safe return, as well as healing for those who have been injured and are recovering.  (If you would like the names of those serving in our military to appear on our prayer page, please submit them to the Church office.)





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