Lent Schedule

2017 Lent Schedule


WEEKENDS THIS LENT                  “Christ On Trial”

We will listen each week as court is in session to determine who Christ is.  Examine evidence in each service that demands a verdict:  Who is this Jesus…for you?
Matthew, A Woman Healed, Nicodemus, An Adulterous Woman, John and Mary Magdalene will be questioned on the witness stand to determine if Christ is who He really says He is.


WEDNESDAYS THIS LENT                        “A Love That Never Dies”

In our midweek Lenten services begin on Ash Wednesday, March 1. Jesus was bound to die, not because he lacked power to stand up to the ones responsible for putting Him on the cross. No, it was our sin that required death. Our transgressions deserve punishment from our just God. However it was God’s great love for us, an undying love, that led Jesus to that cross to take our place and earn our forgiveness. This Lent we will explore that love that never dies each Wednesday at our special midweek services.

Peace Lutheran Church Mid-Week Lenten Schedule 2017

A dinner will be provided at 5:00 p.m. each Wednesday in Lent by various ministries of Peace.

Wed. March 1st 4:00 & 6:30 pm         Ash Wednesday          "Everlasting Love"       Jeremiah 31:31-34 

God demonstrated His everlasting love by staying true to His plan of salvation throughout the old covenant until it's fulfillment in the new covenant in Christ Jesus.

Ash Wednesday Supper at 5:00pm:    "Various Soups"     Sponsored by The Teachers in support of Continuing Education

Wed. March 8th 4:00 pm                     Lent Midweek 2          "Reconciling Love"      Romans 5:6-11

Even though God knows the depth of our sin, Jesus still “reconciled us to God.”

Lent Supper at 5:00pm:    "Baked Potato Bar"     Sponsored by The Youth in support of The Ackley Children


Wed. March 15th 4:00 pm                   Lent Midweek 3          “Tough Love”              Matthew 21:12-17

            Jesus demonstrated tough love when He cleared the temple to restore holiness of heart and actions toward God and man.

Lent Supper at 5:00pm:    "Famous Chili Dinner"     Sponsored by The W.O.W. Group

Wed. March 22nd 4:00 pm                  Lent Midweek 4          “Enduring Love”          Matthew 26:21-25

            Jesus endured betrayal by one of His disciples.  Yet this selfish act of Judas did not deter Jesus from enduring the cross on our behalf.

Lent Supper at 5:00pm:    "Pizza Dinner"     Sponsored by The Alaska Mission Team & Gary Kieper in support of The Alaska Mission Trip

Wed. March 29th 4:00 pm                   Lent Midweek 5          “Ironic Love”               Luke 23:39-43

            Jesus’ death was filled with ironies, but despite them all He died out of love for us.

Lent Supper at 5:00pm:    "Sloppy Joes & More"     Sponsored by LWML in support of Missions

Wed. April 5th 4:00 pm                       Lent Midweek 6          “Deserving Love”        Matthew 21:1-11

            Not that we deserve His love, but it is the love of Christ that is deserving of our praise and worship.

Lent Supper at 5:00pm:    "Soup & Sandwich Dinner"    Sponsored by Community Bible Class in support of their group

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